Heavy snow causing service degradation Friday 8th January 2021 08:30:00

08:30 We are seeing severe network capacity drop the in Stape / Dalby Forest areas due to adverse weather. We will continue to monitor the situation and hope the weather improves soon

Service has resumed in Dalby Forest and broadband speeds will likely improve as the sunshine further melts the snow today

15:30 The heavy snow is continuing to cause wireless performance problems. Engineers have attended the mast but can't effect a resolution so we will have to wait until the weather improves

11:45 Connections in Scackleton / Skewsby / Whenby / Sutton-on-the-Forest areas are restored. Subscribers in Stape and Dalby Forest remain offline

11:15 Radio link capacities remain low and we are now seeing connections go offline in Scackleton / Skewsby / Whenby / Sutton-on-the-Forest areas