All systems are operational

Past Incidents

19th January 2021

Wireless Network Heslerton mast offline due to power cut

09:00 We have a power cut affecting customers in the Heslerton / Yedingham / Sawdon / Ebberston / Snainton areas. We hope to have service restored by around 10:00

  • 09:50 Service is restored

  • 14th January 2021

    Wireless Network Stonegrave area offline due to power cut

    16:30 Stonegrave offline due to power cut

  • 18:20 Mast is back online. A fuse had blown after a power cut earlier. Thanks for bearing with us.

  • 16:35 Engineers are on their way. Fix ETA approx 18:00

  • Wireless Network Network outage in Dalby Forest due to heavy snowfall

    07:15 The Beeline network is all but offline in Dalby forest due to heavy snowfall at the mast which is severely blocking the signal. Apologies for the inconvenience. We are monitoring the situation and will attempt mitigation measures as the day progresses

  • 11:00 Capacity is mostly restored after snow thaw

  • 08:30 Connectivity is restored albeit at low speeds

  • 8th January 2021

    Wireless Network Heavy snow causing service degradation

    08:30 We are seeing severe network capacity drop the in Stape / Dalby Forest areas due to adverse weather. We will continue to monitor the situation and hope the weather improves soon

  • Service has resumed in Dalby Forest and broadband speeds will likely improve as the sunshine further melts the snow today

  • 15:30 The heavy snow is continuing to cause wireless performance problems. Engineers have attended the mast but can't effect a resolution so we will have to wait until the weather improves

  • 11:45 Connections in Scackleton / Skewsby / Whenby / Sutton-on-the-Forest areas are restored. Subscribers in Stape and Dalby Forest remain offline

  • 11:15 Radio link capacities remain low and we are now seeing connections go offline in Scackleton / Skewsby / Whenby / Sutton-on-the-Forest areas

  • 7th January 2021

    Wireless Network Pickering mast battery replacement

    10:50 We’ve unfortunately had a battery failure at our Pickering mast so our engineer is attending this morning to effect a fix before the link fails completely. Unfortunately whilst works are in progress, affected customers' broadband connections will likely go off for 5-10 minutes at a time until the repair is complete which we expect to be early afternoon. Whilst on site, the engineer will be taking the opportunity to do some additional work to improve the signal strength and reliability. No action is needed at your side so please don’t reboot your router.

  • 16:45 Work is now complete

  • 15:54 Repairs are taking longer than expected due to adverse working conditions. Thanks for your continued understanding.